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About Us

Bright Academy stands out as one of the excellent institution for ACCA education. We offer the best learning environment for our students. We have equipped our facility with modern technologies and resources to enhance the learning experience. We are committed to providing an innovative and modern approach to learning. Our experienced faculty members focus on advanced teaching methods and resources to ensure that students receive a complete understanding of the ACCA curriculum.

Our mission here at bright academy is to foster a supportive and engaging learning environment that highly promotes student’s success. We strive to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they require to excel in the competitive global job market, and to be the leaders. We are also dedicated to the professional development and growth of our faculty and management team.
Our vision is to be a catalyst for inspiring and empowering our students to become ethical, responsible and effective leaders in the accounting and finance profession, who can contribute to the socio-economic development of the country and the world.
What makes Bright Academy the best choice for studying ACCA?

At Bright Academy, we ensure that our teaching and management approach meet the highest international standard. We offer highly experienced faculties from varied industries, who are committed to student’s success.

  • Professional faculty

    Our faculty members are very well versed in the industry and they bring in extensive amounts of teaching experience whilst committing to the student’s successful academic journey.

  • Backup video classes

    We’ve partnered with Hamro Academy, so that students can gain on demand access to exclusive recorded lectures from our own faculty professionals.

  • Strong management team

    At Bright Academy, to ensure students leap towards success, we are dedicated to run the daily operations with enthusiasm and allocate all the required resources effectively to the students and the faculty.

  • Modern Infrastructural facility and classrooms

    When we say we provide the best learning environment, we mean; we have integrated our classrooms with latest technologies such as projectors, interactive smart boards, audio-visual equipment and efficient internet connectivity. All these to keep you focused.

  • Access to top employers

    We work closely with our industry partners to ensure that students are placed in positions that align with their career goals and gain professional work experience so that they can compete in the global job market.

  • Silver approved learning partner

    Established in 2023, Bright Academy is a brand-new Silver approved learning partner ACCA in Nepal.

  • Professional development programs

    We run professional development programs that boost student’s interpersonal skills and also invite industry heroes to have an interactive session with the students.

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