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Students are required to complete three elements of the ACCA qualifications to gain the ACCA membership.

ACCA Exams

Level 1: Applied Knowledge

The applied knowledge exam will allow students to develop a broad understanding of essential finance and accounting techniques. The exams are:

Level 2: Applied Skills

The applied skills exams will test the students on their existing knowledge and understanding. It will also work towards the strong development of practical skills in students, that are part of the strategic professional accountant’s skillset. The exams are:

Level 3: Strategic Professional

The strategic Professional exams make students ready for future leadership and to make an impact in the industry. It will allow them to develop their technical expertise, ethics and professional skills. Students are required to complete both Essential exams and choose two out of the four Options. The exams are:


Ethics and Professional Skills Module

In addition to exams, students are required to complete the Ethics and Professional skills module. This module is designed using realistic business scenarios, to develop the critical workplace skills that employers are seeking. Students are exposed to advanced ethical practices, conducts and professionalism which will help them to make a difference in the workplace.

Practical Experience Requirement

Students must have a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience to qualify as an ACCA member. Gaining practical work experience will allow students to put the learning into practice and makes them ready for the real workplace scenario.

In total, the ACCA qualification consists of 13 exams and practical experience requirements. However, students who have completed certain qualifications or have relevant work experience may be eligible for exemptions from some of the exams.

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